Books by Louis Leakey

1931    The Stone Age Culture of Kenya Colony  (Illustrated by Frida Leakey).

1934    Adam’s Ancestors: The Evolution of Man and His Culture. Illustrated by Mary Leakey.

1935    The Stone Age races of Kenya.

1936    Kenya: Contrasts and Problems

1936    Stone Age Africa: an Outline of Prehistory in Africa. Illustrated by Mary.

1937    White African: an Early Autobiography

1951    The Miocene Hominoidea of East Africa       With Wilfrid Le Gros Clark. Volume I of the series Fossil Mammals of Africa published by the British Museum of Natural History.

1951    Olduvai Gorge: A Report on the Evolution of the Hand-Axe Culture in Beds I-IV 1952     Mau Mau and the Kikuyu

1953    Animals in Africa

1954    Defeating Mau Mau   With Peter Schmidt.

1965    Olduvai Gorge: A Preliminary Report on the Geology and Fauna, 1951-61

1969    Unveiling Man’s Origins   With Vanne Morris Goodall.

1969    Animals of East Africa: The Wild realm

1970    Olduvai Gorge, 1965-1967- Published posthumously

1974    By the Evidence: Memoirs, 1932-1951

1977    The Southern Kikuyu before 1903


Books by Mary Leakey

1950   Excavations at Njoro River Cave, 1950, with Louis

1972    Olduvai Gorge: Excavations in Beds I and II, 1960-1963, 1971

1979    Olduvai Gorge: My Search for Early Man, 1979

1983    Africa’s Vanishing Art: The Rock Paintings of Tanzania.


Books by Richard Leakey

1977  Origins (with Roger Lewin)

1978 People of the Lake: Mankind and its Beginnings (with Roger Lewin)

1982 Making of Mankind

1983 One Life: An Autobiography

1992 Origins Reconsidered (with Roger Lewin)

1994 The Origin of Humankind

1995 The Sixth Extinction (with Roger Lewin)

2001 Wildife Wars: My Fight to Save Africa’s national Treasures (with Virginia Morell)


Books About the Leakeys

  • Cole, Sonia. Leakeys Luck: The Life of Louis Seymour Bazett Leakey, 1903-1972 (1975)
  • Lambert, Lisa Ann. The Leakeys (1993) Children’s book
  • Morell, Virginia. Ancestral Passions: The Leakey Family and the Quest for Humankind’s Beginnings (1995)
  • Poynter, Margaret. The Leakeys: Uncovering the Origins of Humankind (1997) Children’s book
  • Willis, Delta. The Leakey Family: Leaders in the Search for Human Origins (1992)